Touring to 75 locations over 200+ days leading up to the FIFA Club World Cup UAE 2017, the Mobile Roadshow will be taking the FIFA Club World Cup Experience (23m x 22m) and FIFA Club World Cup Excitement (8m x 7m) to football fans across the Emirates, visiting multiple destinations including malls, schools/universities, recreational and professional football leagues, large events, public locations, corporates, airports, residential communities and cultural events.

The Mobile Roadshows consist of a series of 12 Skill Games and 6 Social Experiences, which are individually measurable, testing everyone’s football abilities. Scores will be captured in a mobile phone app to rank performances against friends, family, colleagues and communities.

Challenge your friends to see who is most skilled and keep playing to improve your scores to be crowed the ‘FIFA Club World Cup Ultimate Hero’ in your age group (Adults, U-17, U-14, U-12, U-10) and gender (Male & Female) to win amazing prizes.


Dribbling Hero

How long does it take you to dribble through 6 cones?

E-Sports Hero

Can you be the ultimate E-Sports champion?

Throw In Hero

How many points can you score with 10 throw ins?

Save Hero

How many saves can you make on 10 shots?

Speed Hero

How fast and agile are you?

Goal Celebration

Capture your best goal celebration

Goal 180

Capture your best football pose

Precision Hero

How many goals can you score against the defenders?

Locker Room Entrance Experience

Explore the history of the FIFA Club World Cup

Dugout Experience

Sit back and watch the 50 Greatest FIFA Club World Cup Goals

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Power Hero

How hard can you kick a ball?

Accuracy Hero

How accurate is your aim?

Reflex Hero

How many targets can you touch in 40 seconds?

Touch Hero

How many targets can you hit in 40 seconds?

Heading Hero

How high you can jump?

E-Sports Hero

Can you be the ultimate E-Sports champion?

Goal Commentary

Commentate the best FIFA Club World Cup goals

Passing Hero

How many accurate passes can you make in 40 seconds?

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Dubai Officers Club

19 November

Cranleigh School

21 November

International Community School

22 November

GEMS American Academy

23 November

Raha International School

28 November

Al Falah Residential Complex

1-2 December

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UAEU Campus

20 November


21 November

Al Mamoura Academy

22 November

SZ Girls Private Academy

23 November

Al Muneera Residential Complex

25-29 November

Al Rayanna Residential Complex

1-2 December

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